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Jun 17

Toronto Public Library is hiring a filmmaker for a unique and fun job: our Fall 2014 Innovator in Residence.

The six-week residency will take place October 20 to November 30 at the Digital Innovation Hub at Toronto Reference Library.
The recently-opened Hub is a learning and creation space that gives anyone with a library card access to a wide range of digital tech, including: Mac computers, laptops and tablets; HD cameras; a green screen; and video editing software, like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and iMovie.
The Innovator in Residence's job will include the following tasks:
* Meet with customers to critique and answer questions about their video projects
* Create and offer film-related programs and workshops for the public
* Post on the Digital Design and Technology Blog (this blog)
See the job posting (PDF) for full details - including info on how to apply. Deadline to apply is Monday, June 30.
Jun 17

Jeff Younger's Devil Loops

I'm doing my first live improvised visual performance with Jeff Younger and some amazing dancers and performers tomorrow night at the Orpheum Annex!


I'll be playing with video from Ukraine, with live animation, and VJ-type live cams.  I feel like someone has taken a DJ and said "here's a guitar!" which is pretty fun but also terrifying.  Come see me triumph or crash!  It will be a great event!

The event is produced by the Railtown Cultural Eclective...

- Flick


Jun 4

95d08e2d901ae9457724d209586a56acI finally figured out how to do something that should have been a no-brainer in FCPX:

Audio-only crossfades in the whole timeline!  Or add multiple sound-only dissolves at the same time to as many clips as you select.

Almost every time I edit, I need to add soft audio transitions between cuts.  All of them.  Even a smash cut that you WANT to be jarring can create an unwanted "pop" when the playhead jumps from one digital audio file to another.

One of the first things I learned working at CBC in the early 90's is that a 3-frame audio crossfade is the best way to smooth out a sound cut without actually making a noticeable overlap.

One of my main reasons for avoiding Final Cut X for almost two years was the difficulty of adding audio-only dissolves.  In FCP 7, you could select your whole timeline, hit command-shift-t, and there you'd have it.

FCPX official workflow is to right-click->expand audio/video, then drag the ends of the audio clips each way so that they are overlapping, then drag the fade handles inwards so that the fades overlap.

GIVE ME A BREAK!  For hundreds of edits?!  Do I have a sign on my back that says "Please give me carpal tunnel syndrome?"

SO I've been perfecting this workflow and thanks to Alex4D, and a little poking around, I've solved it.

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May 23

Agewell-ExhibitionWorkshopsDialogueFrom ICASC:

On behalf of the Art for Social Change! (ASC!) Project, you are invited to the AGEWELL Chataqua Project Art exhibition, free workshops and community dialogues.

A partnership with Arts Health BC, Judith Marcuse Projects and Simon Fraser University, the AGEWELL Chataqua Project is an arts-based community project that explores aging.
On Saturday and Sunday, May 31st and June 1st, as part of the AGEWELL Arts Exhibition, we will be offering free arts workshops and dialogues at the Performing Arts Lodge in Vancouver (581 Cardero Street).

OPENING RECEPTION: May 29, 6 pm - 9 pm

FREE ART EXHIBITION: May 30 - June 7, 2014 (CLOSED June 2) 11 am - 7 pm

FREE WORKSHOPS and DIALOGUES are as follows:

Saturday, May 31
11 am to 12:30 pm - Movement and performance with Judith Marcuse
12:45 to 2:15 pm - Storytelling with Claire Robson
2:20 to 4 pm - Public Dialogue

Sunday, June 1
11am to 12.30pm - Puppetry with Maggie Winston
12.45 to 2.15pm - Music with Rup Sidhu
2.20 to 4pm - Public dialogue

Sunday, June 8
1:30 to 3pm - Workshop & Dialogue: Art for Social Change Movement Workshop/Chataqua Dialogue with Judith Marcuse

You can learn more and register here:

Please feel free to distribute this invitation far and wide.

May 16

 Music Visualizations, Synchoric Orchestra dancing Schubert's Unfinished Symphony (1919) (via New York Public Library for the Performing Arts / Jerome Robbins Dance Division)From

The New York Public Library recently digitized thousands of hours of its videos in the Jerome Robbins Dance Division Moving Image Archive, from grainy historic footage to contemporary productions along with preservations of culture. One of these — Annabella — dates from 1897 and shows a dancer swirled in fabric that changes shades.


May 9

Agewell call(I am working on this project as a researcher and videographer... please submit artworks if you are interested!)

The Agewell Chataqua Project invites you to create and submit small-scale artwork that is an expression of your thoughts and feelings on aging: what it means to you; how that meaning is shaped and influenced by your external environment and society; how you are impacted by it, your hopes, worries, and struggles with it; and how the inevitability of it shapes your decisions and actions.

Creative expressions can be in a wide range of media, including paintings, graphics designs, textile art, installations (which can be interactive), photography, poetry, narrative, and performance work in music, theatre and dance. This invitation is open to everyone, and all are encouraged to submit.

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Apr 8

What do you hope the audience will walk away from “Space Baby” with?

"What the hell was that? I feel weird…hold me. (laughing)

I want the audience to walk away pondering on things and, of course, I hope they laugh and feel a bit uncomfortable about why they’re laughing."

READ MORE via Artist Interview – Catherine Falkner (Space, Baby) | Psyche Theatre.

Apr 1

space-baby-poster-letterCome to the spectacular performance of SPACE, BABY.

April 17, 18, 19 - 8 pm
The Toast Collective
648 Kingsway
Tickets $10/15 at the door or at Brown Paper Tickets

Space, Baby is a multimedia performance inspired by the palate of 1960s sci-fi film which tells the surreal story of a lone woman searching her galactic memories in an effort to escape the realities of an ever-approaching future. The woman is a rogue astronaut witnessing her own past. She plays multiple versions of herself as seen through the lens of her changing memories. Using a forcefield of sound and imagery, the camp-aesthetic of films such as Barbarella, and the genre-bending of American Astronaut, Space, Baby is a multimedia performance about regret and forgetting.


Catherine Falkner
in collaboration with
Elysse Cheadle
Flick Harrison
Elliot Vaughan

Mar 30


Here's some raw documentation of my Parrot AR Drone in action at the VIVO Media Arts Open House on Friday, March 28.

I had a great time crashing into things and only got a good chopper-blade in the finger once, when the drone seemed to want to attack me.  If such things amuse you, check out the raw footage below this Flickr set.

Thanks to all the VIVO staff for making the Drone Bar great!

(the drone doesn't record sound so I left it silent. talk amongst yourselves.)

Flick's drone copter @ Drone Bar, VIVO open house from Flick Harrison on Vimeo.


Mar 7
Fine Line: Twisted Angels at VIDF
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I've been playing with Wii controllers, teddy bears and night vision cameras for this show at the Vancouver International Dance Festival.  Check it out March 19+20  at the Roundhouse...


March 19 & 20, 8PM @ The Roundhouse

Dancers Dancing (Vancouver)

The FINE LINE ~ twisted angels

Using movement, sound, and image veteran Vancouver choreographer Judith Garay examines how we perceive our internal and external worlds. Through ephemeral and sometimes transformative movement, interwoven with the music of Patrick Pennefather and video by Flick Harrison, Garay builds a study of sense and cognition that encompasses everything from addiction to hypnagogic hallucinations, and synesthesia in a profound and compelling work. The FINE LINE ~ twisted angels is a work grounded in personal experience that engages with the fragility of existence and risks a deep, dark journey to bring forth internal experience onto the stage.
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