Jun 12

IMG_2293Finally completed the amazing video installation with Windermere, Nootka and the Vancouver Biennale's Big Ideas project. This video explains how we mixed old media (polaroids, betamax, 35mm film, typewriters) with high schoolers from Windermere, elementary students from Nootka, and made a video installation at Kits Beach arund the Echoes sculpture by Michel Goulet.

Thanks to Katherine Tong  and Terry Howe at the Biennale, Laura Treloar and Damian William at Windermere, Hank Ferris at Nootka, Carmen Rosen and the Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors Centre for all the support!




Nootka/Windermere from Vancouver Biennale on Vimeo.

Big Ideas in Transitions

Oct 29

This was my video installation for the Secret Souls Walk at Parade of Lost Souls 2012.

Thanks to Nahid Karimaghalou and Reza Shahidi-Nejad who were my awesome volunteers!  Without them I'd be wetter, and would have had far more TV's short-out in the rain - there were enough of those as it was! More of them were working when the day began... Andrea Maylone was the awesome volunteer wrangler who hooked them in with me...

Also thanks to Tim Furness, Kat Single-Dain and Ari Lazer for bringing me on board.  It was an awesome show and all kinds of fun.  Yes, as the hippies said, it was cool to see so many people having fun and freaking out, getting spooky etc in the rain.

Parade of lost Souls 2012

The TV at the bottom of this one actually burned out in the rain:

video installation for the Secret Souls Walk at Parade of Lost Souls 2012

May 25

Some nice press for my  dance visuals, in Judith Garay's new work for Dancers Dancing.

Two more nights to see the show!  Come down to SFU Woodwards tonight or tomorrow.

"Flick Harrison’s projections are hazy blobs and zig-zag designs, and they’re apt symbols of the amorphous feel of the overall work."

The Fine Line—twisted angels is a dreamlike exploration


May 23

Here's a little taste of the show I'm working on for Theatre Conspiracy.  Our workshop performances will happen in July at the Cultch and at the Richmond Int'l Film & Media Arts Festival.

The Cultch presents Extraction - YouTube.

"Through the biographies of four performers, the bilingual, documentary-style play Extraction looks at lives transformed by the rapid growth of Beijing and Fort McMurray, Chinese investment in Alberta’s tar sands and the evolution of Canada/China relations.

Extraction, directed by Amiel Gladstone, will run March 5-9, 2013, as part of the season at The Cultch in Vancouver. Theatre Conspiracy was presented with the annual Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, a $60,000 prize that will support the development and production of Extraction."

Mar 3

Well if my birthday wasn't cool enough, I'm having a group show with Drop Out Video Arts at W2 on March 18!

Channels 3x4, Animal Bodies, Magneticring Team Up with Video Artists for Vancouver's Drop In/Drop Out.

I'll be projecting the first aspect of a piece called DOARIP (Death of Analog, Rest in Pieces) involving Avatar and smashed televisions.

More to follow...

Here's the website for Drop Out Video Arts

And the trailer for the show:

Nov 23

There's an interview in the Georgia Straight with Judith Garay, choreographer of the dance piece, Extra Extra, for which I'm making video...

"Known for her abstract yet compelling choreography, Garay’s latest project is a typically comprehensive undertaking, employing as it does 10 dancers, a sample-heavy score from electronic composer Ted Hamilton, and a video collage of found footage courtesy of filmmaker and political satirist Flick Harrison. And in a way, the dancing in Extra Extra reflects her accomplices’ cut-and-splice approach, as it began with the performers assuming poses and imitating gestures drawn from the front page."

Check it out....

Nov 4

I've been commissioned to design video projections for Dancers Dancing's piece Extra Extra, at the Firehall Arts Centre from December 1-4th.

Judith Garay, choreographer, has been a longtime colleague of mine, but this is the first time I've been invited to enter into the live performances as a projection designer!

The work is about media, war, sports and entertainment, and has never been performed in its entirety: an earlier production had the misfortune to lose Kevin Bergsma, fabulous dancer, on the DAY of the SHOW to a serious injury!

Choreographed by Judith Garay, artistic director of Dancers Dancing, with commissioned music by Theodore Hamilton, costumes by Margaret Jenkins, lighting by John Carter and video by Flick Harrison.  Extra Extra will be performed by ten expressive, strong and versatile dancers of Dancers Dancing.

Sep 9

I am looking to collect as many FREE TV's as possible between 11 and 4 pm on Saturday Sept 11.

I need them for a theatre show with Conspiracy / Gasheart theatre.

I'll have a vehicle and a power adapter to test the tv's out on the spot. Old, new, rabbit ears, rca-input or cable... I want it!

I think it costs you $75 to recycle an old tv these days so I can solve that problem for you.

Please email me: flick at flickharrison.com with your address (with cross street so i can map my tv hunt efficiently) and phone number so I can call to confirm.


Flick Harrison

Oct 15
VIFF wrap party
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I was having too much fun / working too hard to take many pics but the closing Gala is finally over and we can all get on with our lives. The visual projections went super-well, I don't think anyone guessed what the connection was (they were all credits from past closing gala films, isn't that innnteresting?) but it gave the room that epic-ending feeling which was my purpose.

(BTW, as I type, I wish there was a way to make myspace playslists so I can listen continually without calling up that window and clicking all the darn time).

Anyway, here's a few pics. This is me with Cathy Falkner, filmmaker David Vaisbord and Sheril Gelmon. Man, his hair is getting fabulous, like some movie star in a cartoon. Notice I took one more kick at the "I fuck the man" / Monkey Warfare t-shirt can.

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Sep 30

So I had a blast projecting visuals at the Vancouver International Film Festival opening gala.

The party was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia in the main ballroom. This picture is Cathy Falkner with Sandy Buck. Sandy planned the whole event which is an insanely big job. Cathy was helping do the decoration on the night.

In the background you can see my visuals! They were on two giant odd-shaped fabric backdrops on either side of the band, plus one little projection on the escalator outside the ballroom. It was fantabulous, in my opinion.
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