Jan 30

Wreckless Eric reading from his book in Seattle.

I shot this for my upcoming W.E. concert video.

He sez: 'I didn't want to write a showbiz biography, the sort that chronicles the early struggle for fame, works through a successful middle period, and chronicles the downfall via a collection of lurid drug-related episodes and boring contractual details, finally fizzling out in a collection of lame anecdotes designed to demonstrate what a great guy I am now that life's being good to me and I'm on the straight and narrow. WH Smith is already full of crap like that.'

Buy the book online!!

Jan 20

Jesus Christ! I should have my head examined, but I just shot and directed a MUSIC VIDEO for Canned Hamm. The tune is Boyz Night Out (remix) and it's sure to be a GAY DANCE CLUB HIT even though it's all about straight boys on the town.

Click the images for larger versions! Put them on your desktop or screensaver!

Post production starts this week, though I'm still busy with Wreckless Eric, and new spots for the Element Agency (one for Amnesty International).

Weee! Haven't gone out and directed something for a long-arse time. It was extremely fun!

-flick harrison

Jun 24


I'm now editing a video I shot for / with Wreckless Eric in Seattle and Portland. It was an amazing little tourette on the West Coast. I caught the Vancouver show at Kier-La Janisse's Big Smash music-on-film festival and just decided to boogie on down to two more shows, bringing my camera along.

It'll be a concert doc with great raw energy. Fuck, it was great watching him pound through the tunes and belt out stories of the good old / bad old Stiff Records days, the trauma of big-money producers and crappy episodes in his life.

More to come.

May 5

Taken in Vancouver, on the day they left for their European tour. I was shooting video for John Anderson, an artist-about-town (with fabulous moustacheness I might add).

They were working out new material and waiting for their ride to the airport!

It was pretty neat to hear all the songs without lyrics. Katie was intensely listening and throwing in the odd comment or suggestion. Didn't get good shots of the rest of the band, as my job was to shoot the right-hand side of the room, while John shot the other way... Drummers, as always, tend to disappear behind their drums, making shooting difficult!

Enjoy these pics... click to enlarge.
Apr 5

Just finished this music video for The Radio...

Enjoy and share....

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