Jun 10

I haven't posted this yet, so with their new CD release it's probably a good time.

Music Video for The Strange Magic, from their new album "Songs to Burn."

Shot at the Railway Club and Lamplighter Pub in Vancouver. The amazing archival footage comes from Archive.org.

Check them out at:


Feb 17

Just finished a promo trailer for Theatre Conspiracy's new show, Live From a Bush of Ghosts.

The trick was to capture live video projections, two dj's, and a dancer.

And FYI, the HD fullscreen settings on Vimeo look AWESOME.

Live from a Bush of Ghosts demo from Flick Harrison.

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Jan 7

deathmatch2008I submitted a story to the Indie Writers Deathmatch at Broken Pencil Magazine this week!

I'm posting this in a bid to get the jump on my competition by seizing the search-engine high ground.

I wrote a science fiction short called "Pangea's Edge" which takes place in Surrey 2040.

You, my fellow travellers, will help me win - by voting for Pangea's Edge in a series of one-on-one deathmatch rounds on Broken Pencil's website.

If you're reading this, you can help - I'll update this posting when the finalists are announced, and you can click me to the top!

Nov 18

Flick Harrison's short film trilogy, The Autonomy Complex, will have its first test screening at the Gumboot on the Sunshine Coast on Monday, November 20th, presented by Black Cat productions!

Film screens @ 7:30pm. Doors open @ 7:00pm. Admission $6.
Coffee, tea, juice, snacks, and deserts available. Fully licensed.
More info @ 886-2780 or [email protected]
at the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek

Presented by filmmaker Flick Harrison

The Autonomy Complex
~ a video trilogy ~

Flick Harrison's video trilogy is a Canadian nationalist sitcom, an international socialist documentary, and a personal anarchist experiment. Together they form a sweeping picture of political complexity and the tricky balance between freedom and equality: a propaganda of confusion.

Freeworld is set in the year 2023 after Canada is annexed by the USA. Hiroko Doko, arrested for fleeing the draft, is sent into the wilderness with Hedwing, a determined slacker, to capture a loony robot.

Camels Turbans Guns is a documentary made in Pakistan in 1998, just after the mutual nuclear-test showdown with India. It explores the tribal, stone-hut lifestyle of the Baluchi nomads (embroiled today in an armed uprising). Still fiercely independent, they face an encroaching triple-threat of organized Islam, foreign aid and American military

Based on a short story by DM Fraser, Marie Tyrell is an experimental drama about an activist on death row, told through her lover's songs, her teenage diaries, and her prison psych report. Also an interactive documentary, it allows an interrogation the politics and the film's own production. With original footage of Noam Chomsky, Svend Robinson, Scott Ritter, the Woodwards squat, Larry Campbell, and Stephen Osbourne.

Jun 8

Marie Tyrell will be a part of the Sonar: Advanced Music and Multimedia Art festival in Barcelona, Spain, from June 15-17 2006. It will be in a section called Sonar: A La Carte in the multimedia stations pictured above!

Since Barcelona is such an awesome town, I'm incredibly happy to have the film show there.

Damn, I wish I could afford to go!!!

May 23

Marie Tyrell gets yakked about in an interview with New-York-based Heyoka Magazine by artist John LeKay.

Thanks to Jody Franklin for the hookup.

Apr 18

Camille Baker reviews Marie Tyrell in Furtherfield.Org, a net.art journal.

Baker writes that the interactive DVD's "... approach perhaps harkens back to the Fluxus or Structuralist Movements in experimental film making of the 60 and 70’s, where the materials for making the film were exposed, to thus, become the film content. In this case, Harrison not only used the technological materials as the product, but all the parts in the process from the funding, to the text adaptation, to the filming of political protests, to the historical fodder for the story, etc. as the materials as well."

Mar 11

Har har - there's actually a page about my character on the Battlestar Wikipedia site. Whooda thunk a little character like me would draw such attention.

Find the page HERE.

There's some good pictures of me with Lucy Lawless and some other stills from that episode of BSG HERE.

(Even some in FRENCH)

Feb 16

marie tyrellHey Folks!

This is to let you know about the VANCOUVER PREMIERE screening of MARIE TYRELL, my latest production. All the info is below.

Check the website for images, trailer and so on...

1974 meets 2006: Underground Vancouver filmmaker Flick Harrison
adapts D.M. Fraser’s tour de force, Marie Tyrell

Marie Tyrell is a humanizing portrait of a woman on death row, from inquisitive teen to uncompromising revolutionary leader. Like the 1974 short story by legendary local author D.M Fraser, Harrison weaves multiple perspectives, splintered time and forceful poetic language into a startling examination of the politics of dissent.

*BEST NARRATIVE FILM – Northwest Film and Video Fest*
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Jan 3

So the photo at left is me, Flick Harrison, with Lucy Lawless, on the set of Battlestar Galactica. I played the character "Bell" in episode 2-08, "Final Cut." It airs March 11 in Canada on Space!

I figured if anything were worthy of posting on a blog, this is it.

Please let me know if you find anything on the web about this episode, you can link it here. I'm especially happy with all the images all over the web of me and Lucy together!

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