Jun 9


On June 1, 2011, SunTV broadcast an interview with veteran Canadian dancer and choreographer Margie Gillis see link below, which quickly turned abusive towards the guest. In a message on his facebook page, Canadian dancer Louis Laberge-Côté, currently a teacher at Nationaltheatre Manheim in Germany, offered this assessment.

In response to the Sun News Network interview with Margie Gillis

By Louis Laberge-Côté

Contemporary dancer / choreographer / teacher / arts lover / taxpayer

If by attacking dance artist Margie Gillis on the Canada Live show aired on June 1st, Krista Erickson, anchorwoman for the Sun News Network, intended to publicly insult a well-respected artist on a sensationalist broadcast news channel, she certainly achieved her goal. Of course, Miss Erickson is allowed to have her own opinions and she has the right to express them. But when it comes to journalism, shouldn’t it be somewhat of a moral obligation for the reporter to put aside her personal opinions to look at a situation from different perspectives, gather information from different sources and, obviously, allow her guest to express her point of view? Isn’t it ridiculously unprofessional and profoundly inhumane to invite a woman such as Margie Gillis just to publicly bully her, with no possibility for real discourse, in the name of a few minutes of “great television”?

via On SunTV and Margie Gillis : Canada's online magazine: Politics, entertainment, technology, media, arts, books: backofthebook.ca.

Apr 29

PLEASE spread this baby around.  It will come in handy on  Monday night.

Eat NDP-led coalition, Steve!!!

YouTube - Harper supports opposition coalition TVO 1997.

Feb 24

by Flick Harrison

Canada's copyright battles are in a holding pattern while Canada stumbles through 3 successive minority governments in almost 7 years.  It's a hot potato that won't be sorted until someone has a safe majority to risk the bruising online guerre-a-outrance that would inevitably ensue.

The Conservatives, now in power, really need their Guy-Fawkes blogaholics firmly-onside, in order to strangle every Liberal social program in its crib, and those people would be very leery of a DMCA-style bill in Canada... but that's exactly what's coming, whether the Conservatives or Liberals take power. Neither side can really admit that or even address it directly. The NDP is always wary of staking any new turf that suggests them once again to be bug-eyed communists in the opinion of the corporate press.

Here's a good article by Michael Geist about the lawsuit against ISOhunt, which I didn't know was proudly Canadian.  ISOhunt launched a court action to get a ruling that their torrent-search site was operating within Canadian law (!), and the recording industry used the opportunity to launch their own suit for damages against ISOhunt.

Michael Geist - Liberal MP Dan McTeague Emerges As Unofficial CRIA Spokesperson.

"Were this nothing more than an MP getting the law wrong, it would not be particularly noteworthy. More important is that McTeague's recent comments appear to be coming directly from CRIA. The Toronto Star letter to the editor includes quotes from two old posts on my blog (here and here). The visitor log for my site reveals that only one party accessed both posts in the period between February 14th (when the column first appeared) and February 21st (when the letter to the editor appeared). That party was CRIA, suggesting that the McTeague letter may largely be a cut and paste of materials supplied by CRIA lobbyists."

Feb 9

[thought i put a note debunking this - but it seems to be missing.  This turned out to be over-hasty in the heated debate over bike lanes - these guys, in a complicated way, WERE working for the city.  Sorry for the overreaction]

The people who oppose bike lanes are doing a bit of a dirty tricks campaign... maybe.


These folks in the video were out claiming to be working for the city, acted a little shady when questioned, and yesterday were suggesting that "the city is thinking of getting rid of the bike lanes."
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Dec 10
Charles Adler: nonsensical smear
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This article by Charles Adler is nonsense in form and content.

It's just wild ramblings trying to vaguely connect the Liberal party leadership handover to a criminal influence-peddling scheme.

Never mind the addled writing style. It's just plain smear, no real substance, just an excuse to wander through sentences that connect Dion, Ignatieff, Rae, and the Liberals to this new crime by a governor in another country.

It is the Conservative party that has the whiff of election hijinx about them; they were the ones who got raided by the Election feds - like Governor Dead Meat.

But even that would be a vague connection at best. Please don't write stuff if you have nothing to say.

-Flick Harrison

Sep 16

Enjoy and share!

I thought it was high time we all remembered the crazy old days when Stephen Harper was baiting the public service, muzzling his subordinates and generally NOT wearing warm fuzzy sweaters. The new ad in which he talks about cracking down on crime in a soft, throaty voice reminded me of the Godfather, but that's another cartoon entirely.

CLICK HERE to see the cartoon...

And make your comments below.

Mar 3

Are you folks following the Canadian tax credit censorship issue? Anyone looking for Harper's secret agenda need look no further!

Bill C-10, an amendment to the income tax act which runs hundreds of pages long, has 13 words in it that give the government the right to cancel tax credits for film productions unless

"(b) public financial support of the production would not be contrary to public policy."

In a Conservative majority situation, this could cut out films that depict violence, homosexuality, underage drinking, etc. Are the Conservatives really more interested in protecting Canadian morality than Canadian jobs?

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Nov 17

The Saskatoon Star-Pheonix published this rare and silly defense, by Les MacPherson, of the RCMP's taser attack on Robert Dziekanski, the Polish guy at the Vancouver airport.

Man's lack of co-operation necessitated force

I wrote him this email in response:

Mr MacPherson,

Your definition of resisting arrest is novel. Walking away = violent.

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Mar 20

Gwynne Dyer reviews the new movie of Frank Miller's 300.

That's all, I haven't blogged in a while 'cos I'm too busy.

I'm calling it: The Bloc pulls the ripcord (rejects the budget) within 24 hours either way of the Quebec Election. I.e. before the vote to throw the race and take a free news-cycle on No-campaiging-allowed final day, OR, after the race to destabilize the Quebec Parliament and keep the PQ in permanent war mode - provincial vote, federal vote, second provincial vote, referendum.

May 3

Forgot to blog this Georgia Straight interview back when it came out - so here it is.

I discuss the Big New Vancouver International Film Centre (VIFC) and its lack of Canadian programming.

This article was sparked (I believe) by an anonymous email that included me in the CC line. Apparently I am the go-to guy for independent cinema rabble-rousing in this town, which isn't a bad thing. Pieta Wooley refused to interview the mystery person anonymously by email, but here's what she got out of me, on the record:

It's an interesting issue, this is the first time my attention's been drawn to it. I'm interested to know why this Sam Sam entity chose me as the kaka-disturber... But I'll take the bait!

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