Mar 19
New Camera – Panasonic UX90
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So after some camera research and helpful discussion from people on the EvilFB and elsewhere, I decided on the Panasonic UX90 camera. Played with the one at VIVO Media Arts Centre (the UX180 with higher-end outputs and one nicer shooting mode) and shot some dance / music at Chutzpah! Festival & The Norman Rothstein Theatre... what a great camera!

My fave is the touchscreen focus: I can tap things on the screen and have them come into focus, which is help when shooting wide shots of live shows when performers are rarely in the centre of frame where focus assist comes in.

This chart is what helped me decide on the hard facts but I also had to feel the smooth zoom, see the nice colours and feel like it would do the job nicely. The 4k sensor is great, mostly I will use it (for now) as a stabilized 1080p60 but that big chip makes for very not shaky!!!

Ask me about this chart if you want. I compared the Canon XC15, XF400, Xa30, the Sony HDRNX80, Panasonic UX90 and Panasonic G5.

DSLR / DSLM form factors are too annoying - switching lenses and swapping out batteries chiefly the problem. Plus power zoom is a thing I need.

So - as always - I love to make media and my new project Polity is here to help you make video with your organization and their community. Hit me up!

Mar 31

IMG_6012I'll be showing some original artwork at the Capture Photography Festival as part of the Arts Umbrella Alumni and Student show.

The festival celebrates lens-based art, and my work pushes that definition to the limit with digital drawings taken from original photos.

The texture of my prints is an unusual way to encounter digital work.  Seeing them in person is the best way to appreciate this.

When I create art, media accumulates around me on a theme until it has its own identity as a unit. From that creative, investigative and contemplative research I hone the idea down to the core and then declare it done.

Capture opens with a launch event on April 2, and my work will be on display at the Remington Gallery from April 3-14.

Jul 19

I love this article and agree completely.

Why Google Glass Is So Bad and Hated and Will Never Work.

"People pay thousands of dollars to have lasers shot at their eyes so they don't have to wear glasses. People put little pieces of plastic right on their eyes so they don't have to wear glasses. People hate glasses.

You can feel them on your face. You can see them on your face. They restrict your peripheral vision. You have to keep track of them. If you take them off you have to carry them with you. Your one pair has to compliment all your clothes. Wearing glasses makes it harder to wear sunglasses and be cool. Lots of people don't like how they look in glasses. Though imo some are in actuality very fetching. Disclaimer I don't wear glasses."


Jun 27

So camera upgrades come more and more often these days.  I had a crap-sounding, rugged and reliable Sony EVO-9100 Hi8 camcorder from CBC which I used and abused from 1992 until 1998, then a Canon XL-1 from 1998 to 2007 (Man, that one shot a lot of video!), then I moved to an HDV Canon XH-A1 til 2011 and lately, an HMC-150 which is very cool but has some serious drawbacks.*

Right now I am starting to look for a new camera package for what I do:  mostly shooting live events, some interviewing, documentary, corporate gigs etc. and, well, drama.  The HMC-150 isn't the best dramatic rig, since it has a typical video small sensor and wide depth of field.


But wow, is it ever hard to beat a dedicated ENG-style camcorder for features and function.  What I need is:

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Jun 12

IMG_2293Finally completed the amazing video installation with Windermere, Nootka and the Vancouver Biennale's Big Ideas project. This video explains how we mixed old media (polaroids, betamax, 35mm film, typewriters) with high schoolers from Windermere, elementary students from Nootka, and made a video installation at Kits Beach arund the Echoes sculpture by Michel Goulet.

Thanks to Katherine Tong  and Terry Howe at the Biennale, Laura Treloar and Damian William at Windermere, Hank Ferris at Nootka, Carmen Rosen and the Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors Centre for all the support!




Nootka/Windermere from Vancouver Biennale on Vimeo.

Big Ideas in Transitions

Nov 4

Had a crazy crash with my Parrot AR Drone while I was testing some ideas for the Parade of the Lost Souls (you can see my test footage at left).  This is how I assessed and fixed it.

I hit a street light about 25 or 30 feet up. Down it came crashing. Why, oh why, did I listen to the passing child who insisted I try out the outdoor hull? I usually use the indoor hull at all times because I just think it will help the thing last longer. But no, it came straight down on the corner and broke a rotor gear in half, and broke the pin. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 5

Learn on-camera reporting, off-camera interview skills, documentary shooting techniques, polished journalistic writing skills, and documentary editing.
Participants will develop a documentary concept (or bring one you have in mind) and shoot footage that will be analyzed and edited over two workshop sessions.  You are welcome to use VIVO's video cameras, or you can bring your own.

1. Camera Skills & Interviewing
Learn how to set up a great interview with lights, camera, and appropriate questions. In this session we will also cover documentary shooting and sound skills. Homework: Shoot some footage!

2. Documentary Editing
With footage you've shot as homework from session one, we will learn to cut together a short news story with a voiceover, on-camera introduction, and develop a solid structure.

Make docs that ring true!

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Apr 23

I spent this weekend shooting a dance film / video with Rob Kitsos, for his ongoing project A Moving.

Sunset Community Centre has some beautiful lines and spaces... we also got into the Sunset Nursery next door.

See the gallery after the jump...

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Jan 24

So I'm starting to get into photography lately. Since video and stills are converging I might as well stop resisting...

Etsy featured my shots of Laura Treloar, a cool jeweler (of Specimental Design) with whom I work in her capacity as a high school art teacher... If the next paragraph doesn't make you feel lazy, all I can say is "yeesh!"

"Apart from creating things, what do you do?
Specimental keeps me as busy as a full-time job. I am a single mother to three small children, who are now 4, 6 and 7.  I am also a full-time high school art teacher here in Vancouver, Canada. I live in a 100-year-old house which is nearing the end of a five-and-a-half-year complete restoration of the interior and exterior. When I am not busy with any of these pursuits, I am often found vacuuming. It’s how I relax."

Featured Seller: Specimental | The Etsy Blog.