Mar 16

I'm doing the cinematography for a project with Josh Hite and Scott Billings, untitled for now.

They are creating a machine to bring a camera up and down the center of the long-closed Burrard Bridge stairwell, in a repeatable spiral pattern.  Then actors will be performing gestures, scenes, and actions on the stairs, drawn from a collection of movies that feature scenes in stairwells.

Here's a writeup from Price Tags, which talks more about the project and tells you how you might get involved, if you want...

Feb 12

In case there was any doubt that I really liked Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause, here's proof how I was going on about it right after the show.

A snippet from Jessie Smith's post-show interview with Flick Harrison at Vancouver, B.C.'s PuSh Festival.

Support Improvement Club, the film adaptation of Gloria's Cause.

Jan 27


@ the Push Festival 2011

Gloria's Cause is a knock-down drag-out fight between dance, movement, theatre, and rock, and the winner is We the People. If I had to help you get a grip on the show, I could call it a Rock Opera. Or I could say it's as if Frank Zappa dosed the Tea Party with mushrooms, and then jammed with them on Jerry Springer.

There were at least two separate moments in the show when I was more moved than I've ever been by dance, and I mean an emotional arrest of the kind that happens seldom in a cynical viewer's lifetime. Read the rest of this entry »

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