Mar 30


Here's some raw documentation of my Parrot AR Drone in action at the VIVO Media Arts Open House on Friday, March 28.

I had a great time crashing into things and only got a good chopper-blade in the finger once, when the drone seemed to want to attack me.  If such things amuse you, check out the raw footage below this Flickr set.

Thanks to all the VIVO staff for making the Drone Bar great!

(the drone doesn't record sound so I left it silent. talk amongst yourselves.)

Flick's drone copter @ Drone Bar, VIVO open house from Flick Harrison on Vimeo.


Mar 7
Fine Line: Twisted Angels at VIDF
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I've been playing with Wii controllers, teddy bears and night vision cameras for this show at the Vancouver International Dance Festival.  Check it out March 19+20  at the Roundhouse...


March 19 & 20, 8PM @ The Roundhouse

Dancers Dancing (Vancouver)

The FINE LINE ~ twisted angels

Using movement, sound, and image veteran Vancouver choreographer Judith Garay examines how we perceive our internal and external worlds. Through ephemeral and sometimes transformative movement, interwoven with the music of Patrick Pennefather and video by Flick Harrison, Garay builds a study of sense and cognition that encompasses everything from addiction to hypnagogic hallucinations, and synesthesia in a profound and compelling work. The FINE LINE ~ twisted angels is a work grounded in personal experience that engages with the fragility of existence and risks a deep, dark journey to bring forth internal experience onto the stage.
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Mar 6

fcpx iron throneFinal Cut Pro is back from the brink.  I've finally decided to get back to it, and I'm teaching a workshop in FCPX at VIVO media arts centre on April 6.  After 12 years of FCP I went over to Adobe Premiere for lots of good reasons, mostly to do with the missing features and my hard-earned distrust of the iLife suite, i.e. the kiddie-oriented iMovie on which FCPX was based.

The reasons behind Apple's move were not too mysterious: woo the big market of amateurs and hope to drag the prosumers behind.  Professionals could go buy something else.  But the outcry against all that (and, no doubt, some kind of money-metric) convinced Apple to go back and fix what was wrong, and, well, now it's time to re-think.

I found myself downloading demos of FCPX every couple of updates, partly to stay abreast of the changes being made, but also because for some quick projects it was easier to download and install a demo version of FCPX than to do simple tasks in Adobe Premiere.  Crazy but true.

So, two and a half years after its release, I'm going back to FCP for good.  Why?

First of all, I can't recommend Adobe's subscription model.  It is nasty, nasty, nasty.  And Premiere has revealed bug after bug as I've gotten to know it.

Meanwhile, FCPX by version 10.1 has solved (almost) everything I wanted solved.  These are simple things but it was insane to leave them out of Final Cut X:

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Mar 6

Agewell Chataqua Project


Deadline for submissions – April 17, 2014

Exhibition, Public Dialogues, and free creative workshops – May 27 to June 8, 2014

Further Chataqua Dialogue Series – Starts September 2014

The Agewell Chataqua Project invites you to create and submit small-scale artwork that is an expression of your thoughts and feelings on aging: what it means to you; how that meaning is shaped and influenced by your external environment and society; how you are impacted by it, your hopes, worries, and struggles with it; and how the inevitability of it shapes your decisions and actions.

Creative expressions can be in a wide range of media, including paintings, graphics designs, textile art, installations (which can be interactive), photography, poetry, narrative, and performance work in music, theatre and dance.

This invitation is open to everyone, and all are encouraged to submit. We are hoping for reflective work that is thought-provoking and can be used as a starting point for further dialogue on the topic of aging and seniors’ health and wellbeing. We will aim to include as many of the submissions as possible in the exhibit, but due to space limitations, submissions will be gently juried.

The criteria for the jury will include (but not necessarily be restricted to):
• How the creative expression relates to the theme of aging
• Diversity of themes related to aging
• Representation from different sectors of the community
• Clarity of the message of the work

Read more at the Agewell Chataqua website.