Apr 28

AMoving-SunsetThe film I made with Rob Kitsos, A Moving, is showing at Vancity today at 2pm with some other dance shorts!

I believe it's free...

Dance on Film: Sunday April 28, 1-3pm

1-2pm: Kristina Lemieux moderates a discussion with Josh Martin, Kat Single-Dain and Brian Johnson on the creative process of dance filmmaking from the perspective of choreographers and filmmakers. Clips for current works-in-progress will be shown.

2-3pm: Shorts Program: A selection of local works and works from the Dance on Camera Festival in New York will be shown.

2-3pm: Shorts Program

Hard Times Hit Parade
Director: Kat Single-Dain
Choreographer: Kat Single-Dain

cArtographies… featuring Crystal Pite
Director: Brian Johnson
Choreographer: Crystal Pite

Director: Duncan McDowall
Choreographer: Dorotea Saykaly

Evelyn's Farm
Director: Brian Johnson
Choreographer: Katy Harris-McLeod & Mara Branscombe

Square Dance Story
Director: Jason Karmen
Choreographer: Grant Ito with Kyle Toy

A Moving
Created by: Flick Harrison & Rob Kitsos

Brighter Borough
Director: Georgia Parris
Choreographer: Caroline Pope

The Heist
Director: Andrew Jack
Choreographer: Jojo Zolina

3-3:30pm: Q&A in the Lobby
Join panels, directors, choreographers and cast members in the lobby for a discussion on the afternoons events.

Apr 23
SWITCH to Premiere Pro
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I teach courses at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver on SWITCHING TO PREMIERE PRO CS6 and INTRO TO PREMIERE PRO CS6 .

Here are some useful links for switching, below this rant which I had earlier posted as a blog comment or two...

One thing I want to say is that I’m not afraid of change.  FCPX defenders always throw that first so let’s forget it. I moved to Premiere Pro. This was a change. I was not afraid.

Also, I’m not a hater or a Mac lightweight. I’ve been C-64, Amiga, Mac since OS9, Windows 98, XOPC / Linux, and now I’m working on a sweet Hackintosh (thank u, Nofilmschool!!).

I love Mac. But I HATE FCPX.

FCPX lovers will ask, “Why all the hate?!?” To them I reply, “WHY ALL THE LOVE?!” Are your emotions more valid than mine? Is thy love stronger than mine hatred? Canst thou empathize only with those who feel as you do?

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Apr 12
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Check out this mail art show by Penelope Hetherington, a facebook-resisting artist whom I've known since her days in the Hot Toddy Girls avante-garde burlesque troupe, writing for Discorder and performing in the cabaret duo Psychotic Butler. She produced this latest show by mailing out a bunch of coupons from very old magazines and collecting the responses.

Penelope Hetherington

April 4 - 30, 2013

Mail Art Gallery

8165 Main Street Vancouver (MAP)

Filling out a coupon clipped from a 1964 edition of a magazine and then 
mailing it in a envelope with a dime taped to a piece of cardboard requires 
a kind of optimism--an innocence not so much feigned as permitted. The 
process of undertaking this slightly goofy task produces affect that wants 
examining. Anticipation, excitement and a pleasant feeling of destabilization 
suggest an underlying reluctance to accept that the past has completely 
disappeared. The slowness of the post spares us the anticlimactic flatness 
of assuming that something is over and gone. Instead, we get suspense.

Untimely Missives uses the materiality of the postal system to look for lapsed
time in geographical space, and the Mail Art Gallery as a place to document 
the search. This project investigates the possibility that playing puckish 
games with time is one way of remaining limber in relation to temporality. 
It has nothing to do with nostalgia.

Visitors are encouraged to send their own untimely mail. Envelopes, scissors,
coin cardboard, copies of advertisements from old publications, and a working
post office are provided.

Penelope Hetherington is a Vancouver-based performer and installation artist.

Apr 11

https://i1.wp.com/www.vivomediaarts.com/files/imagecache/preview-w425/workshop/pasted_graphic_2.jpg?resize=320%2C185Intro to Premiere | vivomediaarts.com

Tuesday, April 16, 7-10 PM

Adobe Premiere is fast, easy to use, and powerful. This class introduces the Adobe edit system to new editors. Learn how to ingest footage into the system, cut your video, add soundtrack, titles and effects, and output to various formats. Most importantly, you'll learn how to solve problems and find help easily. This workshop contains a mixture of instructor demonstration and hands on practice.

This is a Pay What You Can workshop with the suggested minimum payment of $50

To sign up email us at [email protected] or call 604.872.8337/ext.1
Instructor: Flick Harrison

Flick Harrison is a self-made nobody, a renegade artist, an underpreneur, a premiere Vancouver poorfessional, and now a member of the Sunset Community artists-in-residence "Something Collective." His film, theatre, video, acting, writing and camera work has been seen by millions, been nominated and won awards internationally, and slipped into, under and through almost every Canadian funding niche. Chretien's chief strategist Warren Kinsella called Flick "offensive" and "unfair," the Globe and Mail called him "hilarious," and the Georgia Straight called his work "gorgeously sophisticated." His work includes teaching media art to kids, engaging community through art, designing projections for theatre and dance, and international journalism and criticism. http://www.flickharrison.com/