Sep 21

One of my missions in St John's was to record as much live music as possible, for sharing with my friends and colleagues and for possible use in a future video installation / exhibition.  After two visits to Newfoundland over the decades, the amount of live music was what stuck with me the most.  Like, without leaving downtown, I shot 9 bands in a week and a half.

There's something for everyone so by all means, skip through if something's not to your taste...

The Black Bags play "Raining Hammers" at the Ship
The Faded Yellow Line at The Levee
City on the Coast plays "The Emperor of Japan" at Fred's Records
Liz and Nat farting around at Black Bag Media Collective
Lunge at The Levee
Box playing "Helter Skelter" @ Trapper John's
Blacky O'Leary at Kelly's Pub
Salty Dolls live at the Ship
Pathological Lovers at The Ship

This was a residency with Catherine Falkner at the Black Bag Media Collective. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts and Liz Solo.

Sep 21

I have too many blogs!

For instance, over at the Something Collective blog for our community project at Renfrew, this is what I've been up to: gathering info from the board of directors for our community mapping project.

Renfrew’s Board Maps their community | Our Footprint @ Renfrew.

Sep 14

Looks like Reg Harkema won't be in Vancouver anytime soon!  Damn Hollywood and their bloody remakes!

Jay Baruchel’s Vancouver music flick has to wait for RoboCop | The Province.

Sep 7

Shot this as part of a residency in St John's, Newfoundland, with Catherine Falkner at Black Bag Media Collective.

I'm gathering live bands to make some kind of interactive / installation type thing...

Box from Flick Harrison on Vimeo.