Mar 1

My art gang Something Collective has been accepted to create a big art project in the Renfrew neighbourhood in the fall - an interactive Community Map with all kinds of art forms involved, and all age groups!

Vancouver Park Board - Artists in Communities Program.

Artists in Communities Create in Local Neighbourhoods

Footprint: Renfrew Community Centre

Whether you are an experienced local artist or just interested in meeting some neighbours and having a lot of fun, Footprint will let you discover the Renfrew area in a whole new way. Join the artist team from Something Collective, Laura Barron, Flick Harrison Juliana Bedoya, Maggie Winston and Natalie Gan to explore your neighbourhood through dance, sound, video, green graffiti, puppets and photography. Friends and neighbours will create an interactive, living picture of Renfrew that aims to puts all our favorite spots on the map. This project will take place between August and November. For more information go to