Mar 26

This month's mass was gettin' bigger, as the sun came out and the DST-change made it brighter.  The weather was threatening as late as 4 pm in my neighbourhood but it ended up being a beautiful day.

First surprise of the Mass was the giant American film shoot occupying the Art Gallery square before us.  What made it a little more surprising was that one of the ride veterans led the start of the ride through the film shoot - or so we thought.  It looked like a good bit of fun and a political point well-made when we started passing right in front of the camera.  But then he stopped, took two steps up the Art Gallery stairs, and the guy started explaining why we were going to occupy the gallery steps for 20 minutes until it was time to leave on the ride.

Uh-oh!  I signed up to make a statement about bike culture over car culture, not to make a statement against Hollywood Film Productions.  I make plenty of those every day, and while I like the idea of earning everyone on set an extra 20 minutes of pay while slowing down the Hollywood agenda by several nanoseconds, I had no clear reason to throw Critical Mass into a head-on, high-stakes confrontation with max-pressure location managers, whose chief activity all day is cajoling people to  get the hell out of the way and let them get on with their work.

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Mar 16

I'm doing the cinematography for a project with Josh Hite and Scott Billings, untitled for now.

They are creating a machine to bring a camera up and down the center of the long-closed Burrard Bridge stairwell, in a repeatable spiral pattern.  Then actors will be performing gestures, scenes, and actions on the stairs, drawn from a collection of movies that feature scenes in stairwells.

Here's a writeup from Price Tags, which talks more about the project and tells you how you might get involved, if you want...

Mar 3

Well if my birthday wasn't cool enough, I'm having a group show with Drop Out Video Arts at W2 on March 18!

Channels 3x4, Animal Bodies, Magneticring Team Up with Video Artists for Vancouver's Drop In/Drop Out.

I'll be projecting the first aspect of a piece called DOARIP (Death of Analog, Rest in Pieces) involving Avatar and smashed televisions.

More to follow...

Here's the website for Drop Out Video Arts

And the trailer for the show: