Feb 28

Instead of linking the horrible video of a guy driving through Critical Mass in Brazil,

Here's a wicked counter-punch from the Wafalme kids in Nairobi.

Feb 25

I think I have frostbite in my little toes.  But it was worth it to Critically Mass.

I also did an interview with Openfile.ca, a new online / local news service, about the question of whether critical mass is needed in the New World of Bike Lanes.  I'll post that when it's written up.

The big question today was - what would become of the pseudo-counter-mass which was meant to draw riders off into the bike lanes, to celebrate them and avoid angering the Easily-Angered Car Gods??  Well, it looked like there wasn't much of an issue - Jamie Ollivier  was there, doing his thing, and the main Mass did ours.

Feb 24

by Flick Harrison

Canada's copyright battles are in a holding pattern while Canada stumbles through 3 successive minority governments in almost 7 years.  It's a hot potato that won't be sorted until someone has a safe majority to risk the bruising online guerre-a-outrance that would inevitably ensue.

The Conservatives, now in power, really need their Guy-Fawkes blogaholics firmly-onside, in order to strangle every Liberal social program in its crib, and those people would be very leery of a DMCA-style bill in Canada... but that's exactly what's coming, whether the Conservatives or Liberals take power. Neither side can really admit that or even address it directly. The NDP is always wary of staking any new turf that suggests them once again to be bug-eyed communists in the opinion of the corporate press.

Here's a good article by Michael Geist about the lawsuit against ISOhunt, which I didn't know was proudly Canadian.  ISOhunt launched a court action to get a ruling that their torrent-search site was operating within Canadian law (!), and the recording industry used the opportunity to launch their own suit for damages against ISOhunt.

Michael Geist - Liberal MP Dan McTeague Emerges As Unofficial CRIA Spokesperson.

"Were this nothing more than an MP getting the law wrong, it would not be particularly noteworthy. More important is that McTeague's recent comments appear to be coming directly from CRIA. The Toronto Star letter to the editor includes quotes from two old posts on my blog (here and here). The visitor log for my site reveals that only one party accessed both posts in the period between February 14th (when the column first appeared) and February 21st (when the letter to the editor appeared). That party was CRIA, suggesting that the McTeague letter may largely be a cut and paste of materials supplied by CRIA lobbyists."

Feb 12

In case there was any doubt that I really liked Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause, here's proof how I was going on about it right after the show.

A snippet from Jessie Smith's post-show interview with Flick Harrison at Vancouver, B.C.'s PuSh Festival.

Support Improvement Club, the film adaptation of Gloria's Cause.

Feb 9

[thought i put a note debunking this - but it seems to be missing.  This turned out to be over-hasty in the heated debate over bike lanes - these guys, in a complicated way, WERE working for the city.  Sorry for the overreaction]

The people who oppose bike lanes are doing a bit of a dirty tricks campaign... maybe.


These folks in the video were out claiming to be working for the city, acted a little shady when questioned, and yesterday were suggesting that "the city is thinking of getting rid of the bike lanes."
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