Nov 23

There's an interview in the Georgia Straight with Judith Garay, choreographer of the dance piece, Extra Extra, for which I'm making video...

"Known for her abstract yet compelling choreography, Garay’s latest project is a typically comprehensive undertaking, employing as it does 10 dancers, a sample-heavy score from electronic composer Ted Hamilton, and a video collage of found footage courtesy of filmmaker and political satirist Flick Harrison. And in a way, the dancing in Extra Extra reflects her accomplices’ cut-and-splice approach, as it began with the performers assuming poses and imitating gestures drawn from the front page."

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Nov 5

(updated after a nap and some tweaks)

The Media Arts world reminds me a lot of the cinema world, in the sense that hardcore theory, artists, and commercial producers are in the same room together. The theorists want to argue, the artists want to make you go hmmm, and the bizzy folks just want to show off how awesome they are! That's what made the collection of speakers and topics today at IDMAA at Emily Carr University in Vancouver so interesting.

The first presentation I really absorbed was Stephanie Tripp's discussion of the non-human raconteur. She basically placed randomization / machinic narrative tools of the new-media area on a spectrum with Surrealists, John Cage and so on. The idea that non-human actors collaborate with the author of a work by introducing uncontrolled factors. Reminded me of Chris Ghallager's Atmosphere, in which he specifically mocks intentionality by making the viewer guess what motivates the endless panning action of a camera. At the end, we discover that the pans are made by a sail attached to the camera, blowing in the wind. Ha ha, and so much for intentionality, but what I think is that the intentionality is there in the construction of the random event, and so the attempt to undermine our faith in intentionality with non-human intervention in the narrative is ultimately just a parlor trick that, for me, falls flat.

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Nov 4

I've been commissioned to design video projections for Dancers Dancing's piece Extra Extra, at the Firehall Arts Centre from December 1-4th.

Judith Garay, choreographer, has been a longtime colleague of mine, but this is the first time I've been invited to enter into the live performances as a projection designer!

The work is about media, war, sports and entertainment, and has never been performed in its entirety: an earlier production had the misfortune to lose Kevin Bergsma, fabulous dancer, on the DAY of the SHOW to a serious injury!

Choreographed by Judith Garay, artistic director of Dancers Dancing, with commissioned music by Theodore Hamilton, costumes by Margaret Jenkins, lighting by John Carter and video by Flick Harrison.  Extra Extra will be performed by ten expressive, strong and versatile dancers of Dancers Dancing.