Feb 19

Last night I had the chance to shoot Theatre Terrific's production of The Glass Box, a play about sexuality and disability.  It's a mind-blowing show, mostly because of the honesty of the content, and the fact that its such an unusual and fascinating topic.

VANCOUVER, BC: Theatre Terrific is pleased to present its new work, The Glass Box, a voyeuristic glimpse into the secret lives of people and their passions. Fresh from its debut in Victoria, The Glass Box opens in Vancouver Feb 18 - 28.

The Glass Box follows a 54-year-old wife and mother, a 23-year-old woman living with quadriplegia and a 32-year-old man with Down Syndrome who find themselves trapped in off-beat talk show. They are given the chance to be the iconic figure of their fantasies. The icons answer dangerous questions with hilarious abandon, as Cleopatra unrolls from her carpet, Sophia Loren sways through her famous striptease and Brad Pit lands the big fish.

Feb 17

Just finished a promo trailer for Theatre Conspiracy's new show, Live From a Bush of Ghosts.

The trick was to capture live video projections, two dj's, and a dancer.

And FYI, the HD fullscreen settings on Vimeo look AWESOME.

Live from a Bush of Ghosts demo from Flick Harrison.

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Feb 5
VanKino open-mic film screenings
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n43312898967_399It's nice to see a few regular film screening events pop up in Vancouver lately.  This one is the first Sunday of every month at 1181 Davie Street, otherwise known as Tight Lounge.

This could be interesting. After spotting it on Craigslist, then followed to facebook and finally to the international website, I have NO IDEA hat to make of them.  Sounds like a cool network: there are "cells" in various cities around the world.
Here's the posting:


"Kino" is the Greek word for "movement" and means "film" or "the cinema" in Russian, German and other languages. Born in Montréal in 1998, Kino began as a challenge, made by founding filmmaker Christian Laurence to his friends, to make one short film per month until the year 2000. However, at the end of this period no one wanted to stop and, in fact, Kino had formed into a movement that encouraged filmmakers in groups scattered across Montréal and Europe to "do well with nothing; do even better with a little," and—most importantly—to "do it right now!"

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Feb 4

penguin open office

That's a figure of speech, of course, because Open Office is the FREE alternative to Microsoft Office.  I've been toying with it in Ubuntu on my XO laptop, and then installed it on my Mac G5 once I realized that X11 (the interface for Linux apps) came pre-installed on OSX 10.5.  I like that O.O. opens .doc and excel files, so I've been trying to migrate all my office tasks onto Open Office.

But two factors that I discovered today sold me ultimately on it, despite some conversion troubles.*

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Feb 2

Now that I'm writing about cinema for Momentum magazine, please send me all your bike film stories and information! That doesn't just mean movies about bikes, it means cycling artists / filmmakers as well. Momentum is about the self-propelled lifestyle, from environmental, economic and political stuff to social, fashion and health angles - so if you have a cinema / video / moving-picture spin that involves human-powered machinery, try me out.

Meanwhile, here's this CALL FOR ENTRIES from the Bike Film Festival:

Bicycle Film Festival | Trailer from casagrafica on Vimeo.

Deadline For Entries Is March 7


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