Dec 29
Breaking the Vinyl Ceiling
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Some bands never break the vinyl ceiling.  80's bands that never made it and now face the prospect of that second-chance 80's retro fading away into the rear-view mirror.

Posting this music doc about Go Four 3 to inaugurate my new blog (on WordPress instead of Blogger, self-hosted.  Google sux.  The transfer took a loooong time but well worth it.).

I'm That Fool. from patrick carroll on Vimeo.

Dec 10
Charles Adler: nonsensical smear
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This article by Charles Adler is nonsense in form and content.

It's just wild ramblings trying to vaguely connect the Liberal party leadership handover to a criminal influence-peddling scheme.

Never mind the addled writing style. It's just plain smear, no real substance, just an excuse to wander through sentences that connect Dion, Ignatieff, Rae, and the Liberals to this new crime by a governor in another country.

It is the Conservative party that has the whiff of election hijinx about them; they were the ones who got raided by the Election feds - like Governor Dead Meat.

But even that would be a vague connection at best. Please don't write stuff if you have nothing to say.

-Flick Harrison

Dec 5

I just made a new promo for the Tomorrow Collective's Brief Encounters show. Looking at the whole montage together, it's awesome - so many different art forms, so much bizarre mash-up entertainment!

The show puts pairs of artists together for the first time, with two weeks to create a live performance for a 3-night show at the Anza club. I did one with Take 5 and it was the most challenging creative thing I've ever done.

Launched in November
2005, Brief Encounters is
an ongoing performance
series designed to push
boundaries and fuse
artistic practices.

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