Oct 24
Xubuntu on OLPC
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I finally went whole-hog and installed Xubuntu on my OLPC / XO laptop. I am too worn-out by the process to actually post screencaps or photos so I posted someone else's!

Instructions that I followed are right HERE. I used the XO itself as the Linux box to create the SD card / format / partition it etc. I used my Mac G5 to download the torrent of the Hardy tarball and put it on a Fat32 USB drive.

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Oct 24

Zero for Conduct, the Zine of Counter-Film, will be for sale in hardcopy at Canzine in Toronto this weekend! Sonja Ahlers will have it somewhere on her table in the "Gotta Laugh to Keep from Crying" room! If you can't make it to Canzine, get it HERE.

-Flick Harrison

Oct 16

I'm curating a digital shrine at Parade of Lost Souls! Please make a digital shrine and send it in, or text message / twitter during the Parade!

Call for submissions

Digital Shrine at
Parade of the Lost Souls 2008
Oct 25th, 2008,
Grandview Park,
Vancouver, BC
Time: 6.30 PM, procession at 7:00 PM

The Parade of the Lost Souls is a lively commemoration of the cycle of life and death, and of facing fears in order to live life to its fullest. Costumed stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers, skeletal brides, blessed witches, ghastly ghouls, and prancing pixies lead a walking procession through the neighbourhood to honour the dead, wake the living and celebrate.

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Oct 9

Zero for Conduct is Flick Harrison's new zine of counter-film.

(get it!)

I still need to get a waxer - this issue feels a little too perfect for me, I only did one drawing and the rest was laid out in Indesign.


Interviews with

Reg Harkema on Leslie, My Name is Evil
Jeff Carter on Inside Passage
Tom Scholte on Crime
plus Waiting for Sancho and more!

I created it to try and rekindle some kind of underground film thing in Vancouver that I think is, well, just a bit TOO underground. This year's Vancouver International Film Festival was the kicker for me, I finally felt like taking part again, having worked on two of the films screening, and a recent visit to a Zine fair / comics show at the Vancouver Art Gallery reminded me that it is really all about just getting it done.

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