Sep 16

Enjoy and share!

I thought it was high time we all remembered the crazy old days when Stephen Harper was baiting the public service, muzzling his subordinates and generally NOT wearing warm fuzzy sweaters. The new ad in which he talks about cracking down on crime in a soft, throaty voice reminded me of the Godfather, but that's another cartoon entirely.

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Sep 2

I had a fun mission down to Seattle this weekend for Bumbershoot, the giant Seattle music fest, where I saw Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, and handed them a prototype of the new DVD of "Wreckless Eric's Tourette!"

I must say, when you see one of your favourite acts perform with a partner you've never heard, there is a deep fear that they will ruin everything you love about them.

But Man Oh Man, that DID NOT happen.

Amy actually blew Eric away into the dust once in a while, from whence he would re-emerge to blow her away in turn. When they did "Raising the Bar," with Amy singing, I actually started feeling high just off the rock'n-out. The two of them leaning back to back, he grinning like a schoolboy in the girls' locker room, her eyes closed, head at a bizarre angle - it was fucking cool. It looked, from the expressions on their faces, like this was the music they'd been waiting all their lives to play. New. Favourite. Song.

Album out on Stiff Records (yes, Stiff is back!) any moment now.

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