Dec 22

Now that I've found the limits on ("we are unable to let you skip any more songs this month due to licensing agreements." Huh!?!?!) I have time to post other business.

Here's some pics from the premiere of Monkey Warfare at Empire cinemas in Vancouver, handed over by Ifny but shot by David Repa. This is Ifny of Pedal Revolutionaries (who has just posted her podcast of the MONKEY WARFARE INTERVIEW), Alan MacInnes of Discorder's Cinema Aspirant, Reg Harkema, the director, and me, Flick Harrison.
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Dec 16
"Hilarious!" the Globe and Mail
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Well, in the fantasy land of pull-quote heaven, I got my best one so far. This is the kind of thing you put in your bio or press kit, in order to seem newsworthy, so that news will cover you (yes, it's a circular media logic that runs our world).

- The Globe and Mail.

From an article about Monkey Warfare!

That finally beats my previous best pull quotes -

"Gorgeously sophisticated"
- The Georgia Straight

in reference to my video work on the play Omniscience.

Then again, the ultimate elaborate one - too long for a poster, but it warms my heart to repeat and cut-and-paste it all over the place:

"The films of Flick Harrison promise to provoke a range of reactions, from simple disgust to something as noble as social enlightenment."
-Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun

Heh heh. Hello, press kit.

MAN, is blogging ever narcissistic. Yeesh.

Dec 15
Monkey Warfare theatrical release
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Monkey Warfare is now live in theatres! Go see it before it falls into the Void of Nothingness...

Most excitingly, the film got picked as one of the TOP TEN FILMS OF 2006 by the Toronto International Film Festival Group!!

Reviews are in:


(which confirms the Molotov Cocktail sequence is "IN")




Any other links, please forward them or post to comments!

Thanks! And get to theatres... QUICKLY!

Dec 11
Merry Christmas from Zero for Conduct
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Hey folks...

A christmas card from Mit Funf, cathy and jen's funger-puppet duo.

Flick Harrison