Oct 31

Hey folks! Check out this new theatre show, opening this week, which features my video design!

It's about a Vietnam war dodger, now a leftist professor in Ottawa, who begins to doubt his pacifist convictions when his wife commits suicide and his daughter takes a dangerous posting as a middle-east diplomat.

(the most interesting part for me was cutting together Taliban propaganda video with Vietcong 16mm films).

(Two- for- one previews Thur. November 2 & Fri. November 3 at 8 pm)
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Oct 15
VIFF wrap party
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I was having too much fun / working too hard to take many pics but the closing Gala is finally over and we can all get on with our lives. The visual projections went super-well, I don't think anyone guessed what the connection was (they were all credits from past closing gala films, isn't that innnteresting?) but it gave the room that epic-ending feeling which was my purpose.

(BTW, as I type, I wish there was a way to make myspace playslists so I can listen continually without calling up that window and clicking all the darn time).

Anyway, here's a few pics. This is me with Cathy Falkner, filmmaker David Vaisbord and Sheril Gelmon. Man, his hair is getting fabulous, like some movie star in a cartoon. Notice I took one more kick at the "I fuck the man" / Monkey Warfare t-shirt can.

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Oct 2

Days go by and blogging gets harder (especially with the nagging doubt that blogging is actually lame). Both Vancouver Film Fest screenings of Monkey Warfare were packed to the gills. I notice the Vancouver audience had a good laugh at all the drug humour; in Toronto that stuff caused chuckles but out here people were laughing out loud. Now I don't feel like the only one who got it.

Reg actually intro'd the film by saying that despite all the Toronto references, it is actually an East Van film: that's where Reg is from.

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