Sep 30

So I had a blast projecting visuals at the Vancouver International Film Festival opening gala.

The party was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia in the main ballroom. This picture is Cathy Falkner with Sandy Buck. Sandy planned the whole event which is an insanely big job. Cathy was helping do the decoration on the night.

In the background you can see my visuals! They were on two giant odd-shaped fabric backdrops on either side of the band, plus one little projection on the escalator outside the ballroom. It was fantabulous, in my opinion.
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Sep 19
Flick hosting at VIFF
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Looks like I'll be back in the Cinematic Salon-type saddle at Vancouver International Film Festival this year. I've been asked to moderate a panel with Reg Harkema, Cindy Wolfe and DJ Hans Lucas of Monkey Warfare!

The panel, tentatively titled Monkey Filmmaking, will take place on October 2nd at 11 a.m. It's sponsored and organized by Cineworks Independent Filmmakers' Society.

I will entice the Monday-morning audience by officially starting an irresponsible rumour: DJ Hans Lucas will most likely have copies of the promotional vinyl LP soundtrack for Monkey Warfare which he tends to give out like candy. You didn't hear it from me.

This is in addition to my other VIFF connection: I'll be doing video visuals for all three festival galas this year! That's thanks to Sandy Buck...

Sep 18

So Monkey Warfare is showing at Vancouver International Film Fest on Sept 30 and Oct 1! Details here at VIFF's page.

Also, there's a new Monkey Warfare official website. Yay for top-level domain names! The page automatically plays the awesome Weird War song that usually runs through my head about six-seven hours per day now.

And finally, Monkey Warfare got a Special Jury Award at the Toronto International Film Festival 2006!

Apparently the jury didn't stay through the credits. Heh heh heh. So they missed the best part.

Fromthe interview with Reginald Harkema in the GLOBE AND MAIL:

"Harkema, a B.C. native, said afterwards: "Gee, I guess I'm not gonna buy that huge hunk of hash [hashish] I was dreaming about," - an echo of director Bruce McDonald's statement that "$25,000 is going to buy me a chunk of hash," when his feature Roadkill took the Toronto-City prize in 1989."


I love that they had to explain that hash is hashish. Really? Ya don't say!

Sep 15

Hey folks! Sorry for the late notice of this but I only caught wind of it this hour!

My latest short underground political flick Marie Tyrell is screening at the Vancouver Public Library on Friday, Sept 22, as part of the Necessary Voices series. There's little time to get word out. Lots of people worked very hard on it and the results are amazing... they should be seen by more people!

See pics, trailer, credits and info here.

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Sep 12

Another low-key day except for the super second screening of Monkey Warfare. Here's Cindy getting set to ride her little bike to the festival. She has fabulous outifts, n'est-ce pas? This is an opportunity to point out that not only is she IN Monkey Warfare, she also has a band called The Tennessee Twin.

After my third day of TIFF I finally started getting an understanding of how tickets work. I think. Apparently cast and crew need to use their passes to go and get tickets to their own screenings for themselves, even though they're free for them, just because that's how the accounting works or something. I think. I have been treated to a whirlwind bubble not of celebrity, but of Reg and Cindy's hospitality. I've hardly had to think the whole time, so get easily confused the moment I have to think for myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 11
TIFF day 3
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Oh my god, it's hard to keep up. Even a slow day like today involves 3 parties or something. I actually had time to watch a film - Bobcat Goldthwait's odd after-school special about a girl who blows a dog, called "Sleeping Dogs Lie." So I'll start slow with this picture from last night of an NDP sign in the local provincial by-election. No comment necessary.

This was on the same Parkdale corner where, during daylight hours, there was a cop standing around in a residential neighbourhood just leaning on a fence, waiting for something. I must admit, travelling the world far and wide I've never seen a cop just standing in a residential neighbourhood, doing nothing but wait, all alone. Odd. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 11

Whew! The premiere of Monkey Warfare was a lavish-ish affair. The day started with breakfast at Mitzi's Sister, which I highly recommend, then a little blogging about the previous day, then off to the races and non-stop film fest madness. My lack of sleep is degrading my mind so please forgive me if this all seems rather delusional.
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Sep 10
Toronto Film Fest excitement!
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I have broken my Toronto Film Fest cherry this week as I finally walked through the hallowed, CN-Tower-shaded portal and into TIFF. Riding the wave of this year's buzz-film, Monkey Warfare, is the best way to see the fest. I was the assistant editor on MW and had the infamous minor role as an instructional-video host on the safe construction of Molotov Cocktails.

Biking around Toronto on the bright-red, tiny, girl-bike that Reg Harkema and Cindy Wolfe (see pic at left) lent me, I dodged streetcar tracks and insanely aggressive taxi drivers through the streets of Parkdale and into the downtown core. Cindy has a great part in Monkey Warfare as a neurotic non-profit founder, and Reg is the writer-director. My borrowed bike, btw, is the one on the album cover of the MW promo LP - which makes it feel less like I'm a giant circus monkey (or maybe more?). Reg hands these albums out on the fly from his hand-made LP satchel that Cindy crocheted for him. One taxi cut Reg off and Reg kicked his door. Then the taxi chased him for a block or so and Cindy rather drew some attention by screaming at him and brandishing her bike chain. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 5
Monkey Warfare screenings!
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Good news! Reg Harkema's Monkey Warfare is showing this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival at the following times:

Sunday, September 10 6:00 PM VARSITY 8
Tuesday, September 12 2:00 PM PARAMOUNT 3

Get your tickets early, it looks to be a sellout show. Nadia was on the cover of Eye Weekly, which, no doubt, will make the show a main event.

I'll be hosting the after party on Sunday night, most likely in my pidgin french!

The Eye called my scene "potentially irresponsible but hilariously fitting." Yeehaw!

In other news, it looks like Monkey Warfare will also be showing in Vancouver at the VIFF!