Jun 24


I'm now editing a video I shot for / with Wreckless Eric in Seattle and Portland. It was an amazing little tourette on the West Coast. I caught the Vancouver show at Kier-La Janisse's Big Smash music-on-film festival and just decided to boogie on down to two more shows, bringing my camera along.

It'll be a concert doc with great raw energy. Fuck, it was great watching him pound through the tunes and belt out stories of the good old / bad old Stiff Records days, the trauma of big-money producers and crappy episodes in his life.

More to come.

Jun 8

Marie Tyrell will be a part of the Sonar: Advanced Music and Multimedia Art festival in Barcelona, Spain, from June 15-17 2006. It will be in a section called Sonar: A La Carte in the multimedia stations pictured above!

Since Barcelona is such an awesome town, I'm incredibly happy to have the film show there.

Damn, I wish I could afford to go!!!

Jun 8
Flick at BLIM
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A few of my videos will be showing on Jun 9, 2006 at VIDEO WARS. It's at Blim. There's a few different vids by different folks, including E*rock. Yeehaw.

#197 – East 17th Ave. (@ Main St.),
Vancouver, BC V5V 1A5

The show is listed from 8-930 p.m. I'm not sure which vids will be showing, but they'll be new and exciting! Ben has taken selections from my sneak-preview, pre-release DVD called "Flicks von Flick," which is my second compilation DVD after "Flicks by Flick."

Cya there!