May 31

Just got this from Robert French, producer of Larry Kent's new film, The Hamster Cage:

Dude -- I thought you'd like this one: We were selected to play the Shanghai Int. Film Fest on May 5, which is one of only 11 "A-list" fests in the world. They got the consulate involved, offered hotel rooms, etc., so I book a flight, get my accreditation, am all ready to go to China, and they send an e-mail a few days ago that the film cannot be screened in China due to restrictive censorship rules.

The fest still wants me to go, and the consulate still has me booked for the off I go in a couple of weeks, maybe to never return...


* * * *
Ahhh, China.

I wonder if Google will block access to The Hamster Cage Website?

Oh my god - they DID.

May 23

Marie Tyrell gets yakked about in an interview with New-York-based Heyoka Magazine by artist John LeKay.

Thanks to Jody Franklin for the hookup.

May 5

Taken in Vancouver, on the day they left for their European tour. I was shooting video for John Anderson, an artist-about-town (with fabulous moustacheness I might add).

They were working out new material and waiting for their ride to the airport!

It was pretty neat to hear all the songs without lyrics. Katie was intensely listening and throwing in the odd comment or suggestion. Didn't get good shots of the rest of the band, as my job was to shoot the right-hand side of the room, while John shot the other way... Drummers, as always, tend to disappear behind their drums, making shooting difficult!

Enjoy these pics... click to enlarge.
May 3

Forgot to blog this Georgia Straight interview back when it came out - so here it is.

I discuss the Big New Vancouver International Film Centre (VIFC) and its lack of Canadian programming.

This article was sparked (I believe) by an anonymous email that included me in the CC line. Apparently I am the go-to guy for independent cinema rabble-rousing in this town, which isn't a bad thing. Pieta Wooley refused to interview the mystery person anonymously by email, but here's what she got out of me, on the record:

It's an interesting issue, this is the first time my attention's been drawn to it. I'm interested to know why this Sam Sam entity chose me as the kaka-disturber... But I'll take the bait!

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