Apr 18

Camille Baker reviews Marie Tyrell in Furtherfield.Org, a net.art journal.

Baker writes that the interactive DVD's "... approach perhaps harkens back to the Fluxus or Structuralist Movements in experimental film making of the 60 and 70’s, where the materials for making the film were exposed, to thus, become the film content. In this case, Harrison not only used the technological materials as the product, but all the parts in the process from the funding, to the text adaptation, to the filming of political protests, to the historical fodder for the story, etc. as the materials as well."

Apr 6

Penelope Mulligan reviews Flick's interactive DVD Marie Tyrell & the Cineworks cinematic salon in this month's Discorder:

"It’s probably the most audacious use of the Extra Features shtick since the advent of DVDs."

See it in Strut, Fret, and Flicker.

Apr 5

Just finished this music video for The Radio...

Enjoy and share....

Apr 3
icon1 flick harrison | icon2 cinema, cycling, politics, video production | icon4 04 3rd, 2006| icon34 Comments »

So I just finished working on Monkey Warfare, Reginald Harkema's new film starring Don McKellar!

I will play a small part after the closing credits - a surprise safety video, if you will, in the context of urban guerillaism. The hint is that my script came from Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

Click the bottom-right button to enlarge the video, and don't forget to read the BIG SCOOP ABOUT THIS SCENE:

There's more about MONKEY WARFARE on the website... still in post-production so it's only a tease...