Feb 28
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ARTEROIDS is a fun game - intermedia, they calls it, and if you think poetry,
video games and internet as three different media, you'll get it.

Feb 25
Hamster Cage
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Hey everyone! Make sure you check out The Hamster Cage by Larry Kent the Vancouver independent film rock-star. It stars Tom Scholte, one of my favourite actors whom I've been fortunate enough to work with on a number of occasions.

Feb 16

marie tyrellHey Folks!

This is to let you know about the VANCOUVER PREMIERE screening of MARIE TYRELL, my latest production. All the info is below.

Check the website for images, trailer and so on...

1974 meets 2006: Underground Vancouver filmmaker Flick Harrison
adapts D.M. Fraser’s tour de force, Marie Tyrell

Marie Tyrell is a humanizing portrait of a woman on death row, from inquisitive teen to uncompromising revolutionary leader. Like the 1974 short story by legendary local author D.M Fraser, Harrison weaves multiple perspectives, splintered time and forceful poetic language into a startling examination of the politics of dissent.

*BEST NARRATIVE FILM – Northwest Film and Video Fest*
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Feb 13
Urgh’s Quake 2 config file!
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Hey all - thought I'd just post my urgh.cfg file, for those who are Quake 2 geeks like me. I play under the name uuuurgh, though I can't remember how I came up with the name.

Sometimes people are looking to learn about these things. If you have a custom config like me, you have to go into the console when you first run Q2 (by hitting the tilde: ~ ) and then type "exec urgh.cfg" or whatever you choose to call it. Put it in the baseq2 folder before you play.

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