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So the photo at left is me, Flick Harrison, with Lucy Lawless, on the set of Battlestar Galactica. I played the character "Bell" in episode 2-08, "Final Cut." It airs March 11 in Canada on Space!

I figured if anything were worthy of posting on a blog, this is it.

Please let me know if you find anything on the web about this episode, you can link it here. I'm especially happy with all the images all over the web of me and Lucy together!

I must say, in ten years of being in the film industry, this was my favourite gig. It was more fun pretending to be a cameraguy than actually being one! They did use the footage I shot within the episode, which is why they wanted to go for a camera person rather than a more experienced actor; nevertheless, I was under less pressure because I had a wicked team of assistants, the video department was super-slick, and everyone on set was just amazingly fun, professional and fast.

I am hoping they bring my character back, I actually took some acting courses and joined the union just in case they need me to do any actual acting (heh heh) as opposed to "act like a cameraguy."

That's it for now... ttyl...

This is me, Lucy, and the video department:

Me, Katie, Lucy, Jeff, Tom.

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