Jan 16

Just finished editing a promo video for Axis Theatre's Driftwood, a retelling of the story of Pinnochio. They're the folks behind the insanely successful "Number 14."

Soon, very soon, the songs will start drifting slowly out of my head.

Honestly, I have been waking up at night singing "Lies, Lies, are quickly recognized, difficult to keep disguised, Lies Lies Lies!" Although it's a kids' play, that song would make a great Nick Cave tune.

The vid is for promoting the show for far-flung gigs and tours. Good luck to them!

Jan 3

So the photo at left is me, Flick Harrison, with Lucy Lawless, on the set of Battlestar Galactica. I played the character "Bell" in episode 2-08, "Final Cut." It airs March 11 in Canada on Space!

I figured if anything were worthy of posting on a blog, this is it.

Please let me know if you find anything on the web about this episode, you can link it here. I'm especially happy with all the images all over the web of me and Lucy together!

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Jan 2
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This is my first blog post ever. Still setting up.